Ben 10 Online Games

Ever since "Ben 10" came out in 2008, gamers have wanted to play a "Ben 10" online game. The story goes something like this. Ben was a normal ten-year-old boy who ends up obtaining a watch that allows him to turn into various aliens whose DNA has been encoded into the watch. Ben uses the watch to transform into those ten different aliens who have varying powers and weaknesses. The idea behind the watch is effectively used in online games on the internet.

  1. "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Challenge" In this game, you play as Ben and use the various characters and aliens in order to solve problems. You must also fight against alien hordes that are trying to infect the human race. This game is fun and action-packed and for an online game, it's a pretty game. Then again, Cartoon Network has the money to back a game like this.
  2. "Ben 10 Power Splash" This game is a side scrolling game where you swim through various levels, fighting the enemies that get in your way. The controls are simple enough. You can dash through the water, attack using Ben’s aquatic aliens bite and power up to increase the damage Ben can inflict on his enemies. Most of the time, you're trying to avoid obstacles in your way and fighting the bosses at the end of each level. This game is pretty fun, especially for side scroller fans, and that’s why it’s one of the best "Ben 10" online games.
  3. "Ben 10 Game Creator" This is a game, but not like the normal online games. This game allows you to create your own games using various pieces of art that the producers have given. In the end, you can upload the game to the community and people can play your very own version of a "Ben 10" game. This game is complicated to describe because you can make just about anything you can imagine with the resources the producers have given you. Think Forge from "Halo" but with Ben 10 as the focus as opposed to the Halo characters. Just for sheer boredom-killing, this will give people hours and hours of entertainment.
  4. "Ben 10 to the Rescue" In this side scroller, Ben must face off against his worst enemies from the show. He also has to save other characters in the show, as they are being attacked or held prisoner by one of the many bad guys. Ben has the ability to transform into the various aliens he can call upon with his alien watch. As you progress through the game, Ben gets various power ups and can perform super moves in order to smash the competition. If there’s a fan of old school games out there, they will love this "Ben 10" online game.
  5. "Ben 10 Sumo Slammer Samurai" This one is different from all the rest. A lot like a fighting game, you play as Ben 10 and his alien cohorts and fight your way through many bad guys from the television show. Ben can do various special moves and attacks against the enemies, and can finish with a final power move to dispatch the evil. Basically, it’s a fighting game and if there’s a fighting game fan out there, he will love "Ben 10 Sumo Slammer Samurai."



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