Ben Sherman Trilby Hats

Ben Sherman Trilby Hats are fashionable, stylish, cutting edge and oh-so-sharp when you are looking for something with which to top off your look. From the famous English designer that has been in business since 1963, these best Ben Sherman Trilby Hats look so cool that you may not be able to stop yourself from running out and picking yourself up some Trilbys. Here are some of the best:

  1. WESCO Seersucker Trilby Hat. The WESCO Seersucker Trilby Hat is bound to impress everyone you meet with its stark look of modernist and cutting edge appeal. With an embroidered Plectrum inside the top and a 100 percent cotton makeup, this hat will make you look like a style maven.
  2. DILLIARD Dogtooth Trilby Hat. This Ben Sherman Trilby Hat comes in all cotton composition, but what makes it so effective is how sharp you will look with it on your head. Coming in a jet black color and brushed nickel plectrum, this trilby hat will be the envy of your fellow modernists.
  3. PERCY Dogtooth Trilby Hat. Ben Sherman's PERCY Dogtooth Trilby Hat comes in a white color so you can look your best when out on the town. Match it with a V-neck cardigan or a trilby jacket for maximum effect of the cutting edge, modernist look.
  4. TOM Pinstripe Trilby Hat. The TOM Pinstripe Trilby Hat is what you need if you want to look 1960s, British-style sheik … and then some. Pair it with a Barbican Cotton V-Neck Cardigan also by Ben Sherman to really pull off the look.
  5. ELLINGTON Tonal Check Trilby Hat. Don this trilby hat if you are going out on a night on the town. With dark, checkered pattern, 100 percent cotton compilation, and an embroidered applique detail inside the hat, people will realize that you set the standard in dress and accessories.
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