Benefits Of Bosu Aerobics

There are many health and fitness benefits associated with Bosu training, so it behooves the exercise activist to learn as much about working out on the Bosu and becoming familiar with the many benefit of Bosu Aerobics. A Bosu is best described as a half-spherical surface emerging from a platform. The dome-like sphere is inflatable, leaving the Bosu a mildly unsteady surface to work out on which provides unique additions to an exercise routine.

Bosu training carries balance training benefits. The unsteady surface of the Bosu allows you to do aerobic exercises similar to the moves utilized in step training while providing a unique balance training edge. Every time you step on the unsteady service your body will work towards establishing a steady position which will challenge you to an extra degree. 

Bosu training also provides numerous strength training benefits. The Bosu provides an excellent platform for doing squats and lunges. Any moves executed on or with the Bosu will be more effective than doing the exercises in a traditional standing mode. This is because of the addition of a balance challenge. You will be recruiting typical muscles groups like the glutes and quads as well as the stabilizing muscles of the stomach and back.

Bosu training is great for the core. A strong core is necessary for maintaining overall health and fitness. The abdominal muscles and back muscles that make up the core help maintain good posture and assist in preventing injury while exercising. The Bosu naturally works these muscles groups as they are consistently engaged when stabilization is needed. In addition, many traditional core moves from disciplines such as Pilates can be executed with a bit more of a challenge on the Bosu which only amplifies the benefits.The Bosu can add a unique angle to traditional workouts by consistently providing a balance challenge to any routine.

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