Benefits Of Cycling

Once you learn about benefits of cycling, you will understand why so many people choose this as their primary form of exercise. Some people even enjoy the benefits of cycling as a regular means of transportation. Cycling is environmentally friendly, improves many facets of health and can save you money. Read on to learn more about these and many other benefits.

  1. Save money. Used on even a semi-regular basis, cycling will save you considerable money through reduced gas use and less wear and tear on your vehicle. The economic benefits of cycling are a compelling reason to leave the car at home for at least a day or 2 every week.
  2. Get regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity provides many health advantages. It reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, increase muscle tone and bone density and improves mood.
  3. Lose weight and burn fat. One of the many health benefits of cycling is the number of calories you can burn. Depending on weight, age, gender and exertion level, cycling can burn anywhere from 350 to more than 1200 calories an hour. This makes cycling a great option to shed extra pounds.
  4. There are many environmental benefits of cycling. In addition to lowering pollution levels normally associated with vehicles such as air pollution and gas emissions, cycling also lowers water and noise pollution when used on a regular basis. Cycle instead of drive and the planet will thank you.
  5. Cycling can be done virtually anywhere, any time by anyone. Cycling doesn't involve any ongoing costs and it is available to people of all ages, fitness levels and locales. Many communities have mile upon mile of beautiful trails available for cyclists to enjoy.
  6. Save time. Cycle to work, the store or a friend's house and get your exercise without setting aside time to visit the gym. This is one of the benefits of cycling that many enthusiasts regularly enjoy.
  7. Reduce stress. Stress is a part of everyone's lives in today's world. Cycling benefits include reducing stress, a known advantage of ongoing exercise.
  8. Cycling can be done alone, with friends or even with your children. Flexibility is another benefit of cycling. Do you need some quiet time? Try a solo trip. On the other hand, it can be a great activity for friends or a wonderful way to spend time with the kids.
  9. You don't have to stop when the warm weather does. If you love hopping on and cycling away, you can always purchase a stationery bike to use during the cold winter months. Though not as much fun as a brisk ride through the fresh air, it gives you many of the same health benefits. Additionally, a stationery bike is one of the cheaper types of indoor exercise equipment.
  10. Get places faster. This is one of the more surprising benefits of cycling, but it is true for many people. Cycling avoids heavy traffic and other crowded transportation methods. Cyclists often arrive at destinations in less time than they would in a car.
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