Benefits Of Having Sex

Get healthy and have a good time while you explore the benefits of having sex. Having a healthy sex life can better help you cope with stress, lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system and help you loose weight. The benefits of having sex are mostly attributed to the hormones that are released before, during and after orgasm. These hormones are why we generally feel so relaxed and groovy during sex and gives us one of the biggest benefits of having sex: stress relief. Giving you something more fun than working the treadmill to get rid of those unsightly pounds is another one of the many benefits of having sex that most of us don’t think about. So the next time you need to take the edge off, ask your loved one for a roll in the hay instead of reaching for a cocktail; you’ll thank us for it later.  

  1. Stress relief- Nothing takes the edge off like a good shag. Having sex can help lower your blood pressure and the endorphins that are released during sex can help contribute to an overall of well being. So next time you’re feeling stressed, indulge in a little nookie and reap the healing benefits of having sex.  
  2. Boost you immune system- Your mom always said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but we don’t like apples and prefer some time in the bedroom to keep ourselves healthy. During sex, the body produces a hormone called IgA which can help protect you from colds, flu and other infections. When we found out that one of the benefits of having sex was keeping colds at bay, we committed ourselves to a shag per week, even if it is by ourselves.  
  3. Get skinny- One of the benefits of having sex is all the calories that you burn while you’re getting your grove on. According to science, you can burn approximately 3,570 calories while you’re having sex. So, skip the gym and find some more creative ways of burning calories with someone you want to really get next to. 
  4. Cardio Health- Pay no attention to those crazy old coots who are afraid that a roll in the hay is going to do them in. One of the benefits of having sex is keeping your heart healthy.  
  5. Give your self esteem a boost- It may be pointing out the obvious, but shagging can be a major boost to your self esteem. During the seduction process and while the deed is being done, you feel like you’re king of the world. Now if you can manage to keep that feeling with you after you’re done, all will be right with the world.  
  6. Reduce pain– You know that weird pain that gnaws at the small of your back? Well, a little nookie can help you get rid of that. When you have sex, your oxytocin levels increase. And a little oxytocin can help keep the pain away. It puts a whole new prospective on feeling no pain during during sex.  
  7. Reduce your risk of prostate cancer- One of the benefits of having sex is reducing rick of prostate cancer. Frequent ejaculation in men early in life can help reduce the chances of prostate cancer later in life, yet another of the awesome benefits of having sex.  
  8. Sleep better- People always complain about how their partner falls asleep after sex; well there is a good reason for that. According to our good friend science, the oxytocin released during orgasm is what helps us sleep better after some good lovin. A blissful night's sleep is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of having sex.
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