Benefits Of Oral Sex

The benefits of oral sex are numerous. Both emotional and physical benefits can be gained from this type of sexual activity. While sexually transmitted diseases can still be passed from partner to partner, it nearly eliminates the risk of pregnancy. So if your partner has been tested, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of oral sex.

  1. Treats depression The combination of benefits of oral sex, including lower stress, less pain, better health and a closer relationship, all work together to help treat depression. Also, semen may act as an antidepressant when swallowed.
  2. Lowers stress levels When an orgasm is achieved during oral sex, the benefit is a calming effect. Sexual activity in general can help people, both male and female, relax and relieve stress.
  3. Pain relief Oxytocin, endorphins and other substances are released in the body during orgasm, including orgasm achieved by oral sex. These substances are known to decrease pain.
  4. Health When semen is swallowed after performing oral sex, it can help to lower blood pressure. Sexual activity, in general, has also been known to lower blood pressure, much like it lowers stress levels. Oxytocin, which is released during orgasm, can help wounds heal faster, and ejaculation can help fight prostate cancer.
  5. Closer relationship Satisfactory oral sex requires open and honest communication with your partner. It can help strengthen your relationship and increase intimacy, especially if you kiss your partner afterward.

Sexual activity can have numerous benefits for you and your partner. Varying your sexual activity and incorporating oral sex helps keep you both satisfied with your love life.

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