Benefits Of Running Stairs

The benefits of running stairs are astronomical when considering this type of workout. This easily accessible workout has major benefits for the body. It does not require purchasing a membership to a health club or having to purchase exercise equipment.

Running stairs is a very intense type of workout. This type of workout is used by athletes, trainers, and anyone wishing to build muscle or lose weight. The nice part of this workout is that you do not have to own any special equipment. You just need to find a place with stairs that you can run up and down on.

It is important to stretch your body before doing this exercise and take it slowly to build up endurance. After a person’s body begins to get used to this workout, they can increase the length of time they are running stairs.

One benefit of running stairs is that it builds muscles in the legs. Leg muscles are built by running. Running up and down stairs however, is even more intense, because your body has to literally push itself up and let itself down. In addition to leg muscles being built, it also builds over all lower body strength and endurance by continuously repeating this activity, and is one of the best cardiovascular activities that a person can do.

Running stairs also causes a great workout by increasing the heart rate faster than other work-out activities might. During any exercise workout, increased heart rate is a benefit for your body.

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