The Benefits Of Step Aerobics

The benefits of step aerobics are possible because it’s a form of exercise that takes the regular form of aerobics and throws in the twist of stepping up onto a surface to achieve the workout. The benefits of step aerobics not only promotes weight loss and helps with fat metabolism, but it also strengthens muscles and increases stamina as well.

What is Step Aerobics? Before you can understand the basic benefits of step aerobics, you must first understand what exactly the exercise method entails. A 12 inch step is required for this aerobics method. Using intervals and alternating leg motions, stepping onto the platform by following a routine is done in order to achieve the benefits. As the skill level and experience of the exercise routine increases, the height of the step can be raised for a more challenging workout and extra benefits of step aerobics.

What are Benefits of Step Aerobics? Developed in the 1980’s, this exercise method can produce a number of benefits. One of the benefits is the low impact it causes on the bones and joints because of the movement involved with it. The stress on the lower body is similar to that of walking, although by the looks of the exercise, it can be deceiving.

The benefits of step aerobics includes that of a great cardiovascular workout. The cardiovascular benefits include increased circulation and the promotion of overall heart health. This low impact workout is perfect for strengthening the heart muscles.

Due to the raising and lowering movements of the body this exercise method uses, it’s perfect for strengthening and toning the muscles. It also strengthens the tendons and ligaments in the joints, and promotes a rapid weight loss. The benefits of step aerobics include a great and fun way to get into shape.


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