Bermuda Triangle Facts

Bermuda Triangle facts still do not conclusively explain the happenings that have occurred over the years. Despite much speculation, there has been no way to prove the true facts that will solve the mysteries.

  1. What are the points of the Bermuda Triangle? They are Miami, Florida; Bermuda; and San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This is the most popular description even though the Navy and Coast Guard are said to not officially recognize the area. 
  2. Why is the Bermuda Triangle so feared? Over many years, large and small planes and boats have disappeared along with the passengers. 
  3. What has been "swallowed up" over time?  The largest loss was Flight 19, a squadron of six bombers and their crews of 27 men in 1945.  Back as far as 1843, ships disappeared. There have been other reportings as well including the disappearance of the USS Cyclops in 1918. 
  4. The first encounter that was documented was by Christopher Columbus. He experienced malfunctions of his compass and mysterious lights as he went through the area.
  5. Why could the remains never be found? There has been no wreckage, oil slick,s or "black boxes" to give a clue as to what happened in The Bermuda Triangle. The Gulf Stream has been blamed for perhaps being the culprit that moved the debris away so quickly that no trace of evidence has ever been found.
  6. What about the Lost City of Atlantis? There are those who believe that Atlantis existed under the sea of the Bermuda Triangle. Technology used by those residents are thought to have caused interference that made the planes or boats sink.
  7. Are UFOs a possibility? Many thought that extraterrestrial beings came to whisk the crafts and passengers away and fly them off in their space vehicles. 
  8. What about storms? They are known to come up quickly and be quite severe, in which case the boats or planes could have been knocked around and then descend into the deep sea without a trace. The storms in the Bermuda Triangle can be severe waterspouts or hurricanes, and he waves can reach 80 feet or more.
  9. What is the size of the Bermuda Triangle? There have been numerous answers to that, but one that is often accepted is that it is approximately 440,000 miles of sea. This is an area larger than the combination of Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas. 
  10. What are other names for the Bermuda Triangle? The Hoodoo Sea and the Devil's Triangle.



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