Best 11mm Climbing Rope

Looking for the best 11mm climbing rope? In order to ensure climbing safety and efficiency, it is important to choose the correct climbing rope. An 11mm rope is generally used for "extreme climbing." This can include Alpine climbing, big walls and top roping. Here are some of the best 11mm climbing ropes:

  1. Edelweiss Extrem Climbing Rope. This 11mm climbing rope is thick and durable. It is ideal for Alpine climbing and long multi-pitch routes. The Edelwise Extrem climbing rope is easy to hold on to. The Everdry dry treatment technology refracts water to make climbing possible in extreme weather conditions. This climbing rope has an impact force of 900kn. The Edelwise Extrem is a single rope available in 50 meter to 60 meter lengths.
  2. BlueWater Enduro 11mm Climbing Rope. The Enduro climbing rope is ideal for big walls, lead climbing and multi-pitch routes. This climbing rope is durable despite weighing less than nine pounds. The Enduro is rated by the UIAA to have an impact force of 8.5kn.
  3. Yale Blaze 24 Strand Climbing Rope. This Blaze climbing rope features a lightweight design with a sixteen strand core underneath the 24 strand covering. The Blaze promotes flexibility and does not need "break-in" time. You can also use this rope with various belay and rappelling devices. The Blaze is ideal for Alpine climbing, but it is light enough that it can be used for almost any climbing conditions.
  4. New England Ropes Maxim KM-III 7/16" Static Rope. This 11mm climbing rope was designed for rescue operations. If you are climbing through caves and glaciers, this is the best climbing rope for you. The Maxim features a nylon core with an element-resistant cover. It's great for caving, rappelling and rescue operations. This rope comes in assorted colors and lengths from 150 feet to 600 feet. If you do use the Maxim rope as a rescue device, you should have it inspected regularly.



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