Best 1970s Skateboard Mini Cruisers

In 1970 skateboarding was at an all time high in popularity and the new kid on the block making all kinds of waves in the world of skateboarding were the 1970 skateboard mini cruisers. These skateboards came into existence with the experimentation of making boards out of polypropylene. The boards became longer and wider and were made in a variety of bright and fun colors. From these characteristics, the 1970 mini cruisers earned the nickname the “banana board.” If you’re looking for your very own mini cruiser, here are the best mini cruisers around.

  1. Madrid The cream of the crop as far as old school banana boards go. If you want the very best in quality and reputation in mini cruisers, Madrid is where you want to go. Madrid has been making Mini Cruisers in the 1970s style in varying sizes, shapes and colors out of both polypropylene and fiber glass. There is something here for everyone!
  2. Arbor Collective Arbor Collective’s mini cruisers features a concave shape with a slim wheelbase ideal for tight turns. Manufacturing boards that are not just responsible to the rider, but also to the environment, Arbor Collective builds each board with sustainable and recycled materials.  
  3. Ladera Building long boards and skateboard mini cruisers for over ten years, Ladera now boasts a family of mini cruisers that most certainly hold something to fit anyone’s needs. Ladera prides itself in staying at the forefront of progressing the sport of skateboarding and being firmly enmeshed in the community of riders they produce boards for.
  4. Waimea With a family of over ten styles of boards within the skateboard mini cruiser family, Waimea can certainly outfit anyone for cruising the streets!  Focusing on the styling of the classic 1970s skateboard mini cruisers, this isn’t just a cruiser; it will take you right back to the 70s board style of California!
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