Best 1998 Star Wars Collectibles

If you are a collector of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, here are the best 1998 "Star Wars" collectibles. It's hard to find "Star Wars" fans who aren't collectors to some degree. After all, if you are a fanatic of the movie, you want to celebrate it. Choose from this list to start your collection of more modern "Star Wars" fare, or look at it to see if there's some information you don't know about your already blossoming "Star Wars" collection.

  1. Power of the Force 2 Freeze Frame 1998 line of toys by Hasbro were very popular among fans of the new and old "Star Trek" trilogies alike. The Hasbro Freeze Frame figurines came with two collectible toys in one: a figurine of a character in the film and a Freeze Frame slide. The frame itself was meant to be used with the Freeze Frame toy that was sold separately, and it reveals a scene from one of the "Star Wars" movies that includes the character of the figurine featured in the package.
  2. On the very first day of 1998, "Star Wars Young Jedi Knights: The Emperor's Plague" was published. It's now a collectible book in the long series of "Star Wars" books collected and read by fans. Jacen and Jaina are the Jedi Knights (and the offspring of Han Solo and Princess Leia), and they are the heroes of this intricate tale. It's written by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta. You can now often find it on eBay or Amazon. Fans will want to collect the whole series of 1998 "Star Wars" books.
  3. On February 28, 1998, "Star Wars Rebellion" was released. It was a PC game, and some fans still enjoy playing it today. It was a LucasArts strategy game. A map of the Star Wars galaxy is provided and may already be familiar to hardcore fans of the series. In this game, the player can be an officer of the Empire or the Rebellion.
  4. The Freeze Frame Slide Display Holder is an important, more rare collectible from 1998. In fact, it was released in January 1998. It was offered on the back of the Star Wars Freeze Frame action figures mentioned above. Since the offer expired in January 1999, these collectibles are only available today from collectors who are willing to sell them. It was initially available for free, as long as one sent in one UPC of the action figure, two dollars for shipping and handling, and a receipt of purchase. 
  5. Hasbro also came out with a "Star Wars" Flashback Figure line. It offered action figures of characters from the Episode 1 film with a tricked-up imagine. The picture in a small frame with the figurine would actually show a picture of a character from the original "Star Wars" trilogy. Yet, if you pulled the tab, you would get the image of a character from the Episode 1 movie. These were released in December of 1998.
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