Best 2 Stroke Motocross Bikes

Looking for the best 2 stroke motocross bikes? Less and less manufacturers are making 2 stroke motocross bikes. This is a shame because the 2 stroke bikes are what made the sport great. Traditionally, 2 stroke bikes were amazing because with just a few hundred dollars a 2 stroke motocross bike could be redone. Here is a list of the best 2 stroke motocross bikes that are still available.

  1. DT 125. Yamaha is one of the few companies that still produce 2 stroke motocross bikes. This model stopped being produced in 2008. This should not stop you from finding one and purchasing it, however. They are not costly and there are a lot of bikes out there that can be great parts bikes for you. The bike is a good-looking and comfortable ride. It is a 6 speed engine and will get you top speeds around 65 mph. This is exceptional for a 125 cc bike.
  2. RM 125. This is another great bike from another quality brand. This Suzuki bike is another bike that will make you smile. It is a great company that still produces the 2 stroke bikes. This one is a quality bike for anyone who wants a bike that will not make you go bankrupt. This bike is a quality motocross bike. The clutch is smooth and the shocks are soft. The ride is comfortable and very fun. It is created to help maintain the balance of the rider. This is the bike that storied rider Travis Pastrana uses during some competitions.
  3. KTM. KTM is the leading manufacturer of 2 stroke bikes. Any bike from this brand is a quality bike and will be worth your money. The parts are also very accessible when the bikes need repairs. The bikes are low to the ground allowing for easy turning radius. And, most are constructed to be on the lighter side in comparison to many other manufacturers. They also make the bikes with hydraulic clutches making them one of the leading and easiest bikes to switch gears on. They also produce all water-cooled bikes which means riding for longer. This is always is something any serious rider loves. 
  4. EN 125. TM’s availability is growing in the USA. Their online website will allow you to get your hands on parts quickly. They have also gotten better distribution through out the country. When examining the bike the first thing a rider will notice is how light the bike is. This makes the pick up great on this bike and the power is something that any rider will appreciate.

 If you still want to be a motocross rider but do not want to break the bank then look into these 2 stroke bikes as very viable options. You will want to make sure that parts are accessible in case something needs work on your bike.   

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