Best ’70s Raspy Voiced Female Singers

If you love great music from an exciting and diverse time in music history, you'll enjoy this list of the best '70s raspy voiced female singers. These singers have captured the hearts of music lovers during and since the 1970's for the quality of their music and the cool and unique sounds of their voices. Many of these singers may have little in common except that raspy nature of their voice in many of their beloved songs. You just may find one of your favorite singers on this list.

  1. Carole King broke music records with her 1971 hit record, "Tapestry". Her unique (and raspy) sound, strong lyrics and unforgettable melodies made her music popular in its day and timeless for generations that have come since it was recorded. Her career heyday was in the early 1970's, but she has worked as a singer through the years. You may want to start by listening to her greatest hits album and explore her varied career from there.
  2. Tina Turner's name is often synonymous with survivor in the music industry. She has an unapologetic, strong and raspy singing voice. As part of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue act in the '70s, Tina revealed her talents to a very appreciative audience. Her famous "Proud Mary" peaked in the charts in 1971. She went on to success with other songs throughout the decade, and she had a comeback in the 1980's. She is still thriving today as a singer and pop music icon.
  3. Bonnie Tyler is another successful singer from the '70s with a gorgeous, raspy voice. Her album, "The World Starts Tonight", debuted in the mid-'70's to much success, which followed her for several years. Her most well-known hits include "It's a Heartache."
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