Best 90S Songs

These best 90s songs are all exceptional examples of 1990's music. They continue to be known as some of the best songs in history for their outstanding beats and great lyrics. You won't regret listening to these amazing 90s song as they are each spectacular.

  1. Madonna, "Ray of Light." Madonna continued to make her mark in pop music into the 1990s with this outstanding 90s song. This song has positive lyrics to match the fun beat. It is no surprise that it reached the #5 position on the Billboards Hot 100.
  2. N'Sync, "Tearin' Up My Heart." This song is a great love song released in N'Sync's first album, "*NSYNC." This song is a classic 90's song, featuring a collaboration of the band's outstanding vocals and use of an upbeat electronic/instrumental background. It remains a worldwide favorite that is ocassionally played on the radio.
  3. Spice Girls, "Wannabe." This Spice Girls may have split up, but in the 90's this band was a real hit. "Wannabe" was their best song, and by default one of the best of the 90s. It has a perfect fusion of the 5 girls great vocal and fun assertive lyrics that helped make this 90s song tremendously popular.
  4. Michael Jackson, "Black or White." Michael Jackson started of the 90's right with his release of the "Dangerous" album in 1991. "Black and White" was a genius song that put him on the charts. The progressive lyrics about race mixed with his timeless vocals make this one of the best 90s songs ever.
  5. TLC, "Waterfalls." This great single by TLC was #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 and continues to be recognized as one of their greatest songs. It was popular for the fun beat and the women's outstanding singing ability. The group put together women-positive lyrics encouraging better body images with an enjoyable song.



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