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Many gun enthusiests, whether professionals like police and security or non-professionals like civilians carrying permit holders or competition shooters, are constantly looking to learn about the best 9mm pistol on the market. The truth is, there are many high quality 9mm pistols and choosing the best often comes down to personal preference and features. We pride ourselves on providing the information that allows you to learn about the best 9mm pistol for you.

  1. Glock could almost be called the armorer of the United States police. There is a lot to learn about why their guns may be the best 9mm pistols. With polymer frames, their 9mm models, G17, G19, G26 and G24 are light to carry on a duty belt. Their trigger pull is consistant from shot to shot and they are ranked as highly reliable, with few failures to extract or cycle a new round. Glock pistols are in their fourth generation, which adds an adjustible back strap to the pistol for shooters with different sized hands.
  2. Beretta 9mm pistols have been in the hands of United States military soldiers since the Joint Service Small Arms Program competition that resulted in the Beretta M9 as the service pistol of the US military. The civilian model is called the 92FS and it actually hold more rounds (17+1) over the M9 (15+1). In any case, with a proper background check, you can own a pistol with the same quality and reliability as carried by service men and women around the world.
  3. Sig Sauer P226 and P250 are pistols internationally renowned for their quality and reliability. Like the Beretta, the Sig is a traditional metal framed pistol. Standout qualities of these fine pistols are the ergenomics of the grip on the frame and the reliability of the pistol.
  4. CZ 75 This firearm is renound around the world as one of the best 9mm pistols. Designed in 1975 and adopted by the Czech police, this all steel firearm set the standard for ergonomics and reliabilty at the time. With a double/single action trigger used by Beretta and Sig Sauer, and with ergonomics that anticipated the Sig line of pistols, this remains a great pistol, although it is heavier than many pistols in its class. These pistols remain a ready sidearm around the world wherever high conflict situations arise.
  5. Smith & Wesson has one of the best 9mm pistols on the market. The engineers at Smith & Wesson spent a lot of time assessing the best practices and built a gun that has the lightness of plolymer, the ergenomics of the Sig and the rugged reliability required of pistols in this class, which includes a mag safety, so the gun can't fire if the magazine is disengaged. You don't need to pull the trigger to field strip this gun, which creates added safety over other striker fired pistols.
  6. XDM 9mm Springfield armory increased the standard in polymer-framed pistols when they launched their XDM in 9mm and .40 S&W. This pistol includes the added safety features of the grip safety and cocked firearm indicator. It also comes standard with a match-grade barrel, which is an upgrade over many standard pistols. Like the M&P, you don't need to pull the trigger to field-strip.
  7. Ruger SR9 and LC9 Ruger stayed out of the defensive firearm market for a long time, but with the addition of several new pistols including the SR9 and LC9, they are in the running.
  8. Springfield EMP Anyone looking for the best 9mm pistol needs to examine the Springfield EMP. This pistol is built on the 1911 frame but is redesigned specifically for the 9mm round. If you like the classic lines and feel of the 1911 frame, this gun might be right for you.
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