Best Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Looking for the best acoustic guitar pickups? Acoustic guitars are great for intimate occasions, but sometimes you need a little extra volume to really rock out. These acoustic guitar pickups will crank up the decibels and make those stragglers in the back row think they’re sitting next to the amplifier.

  1. Martin Thinline Gold Plus. Martin & Co. has always made quality acoustic guitars, and when it comes to acoustic pickups, they deliver the same meticulous attention to detail. The Martin Thinline Gold Plus acoustic pickup system will fit any full-size acoustic guitar, and is designed to provide extra brightness while cutting down on feedback. They work great at high volumes (due to a copolymer material that was designed specifically for guitars) and sound natural in large auditoriums. Installing and removing the Martin Thinline Gold Plus is easy, and its elegant design looks natural with virtually every acoustic guitar.
  2. Seymour Duncan Woody SC. Seymour Duncan has a large variety of acoustic guitar pickups, but the Woody Single-Coil Sound Hole Pickup is the perfect marriage of functionality and price. This pickup is designed to pop in and out of any full-size acoustic guitar’s sound hole, and its hand-polished maple casing makes it resistant to feedback and gives your guitar a clear tone.
  3. Dean Markley Pro Mag Grand. Dean Markley has been making acoustic guitar pickups for nearly 40 years, and the Pro Mag Grand is their latest entry in the pickup market. This humbucking sound hole pickup has been redesigned to provide musicians with clearer harmonics and better string balance, and its quick-mount jack makes removing and replacing it a snap.
  4. Fishman Rare Earth Blend. Fishman has been a leader in high-end acoustic guitar pickups for years, and their Rare Earth Blend pickup is the latest product to prove it. This pickup uses an electric condenser microphone to capture the sound chamber resonance, and gives your guitar a pure acoustic tone plus the power and brightness to rock even the largest venue. To top it all off, installing the Fishman Rare Earth Blend acoustic guitar pickup is a cinch.
  5. L.R. Baggs iBeam Active. Last on the list is the L.R. Baggs iBeam Active acoustic guitar pickup system. This is a great transducer system for those who wish to transform their vanilla acoustic guitar into a full-blown electric/acoustic guitar. The built-in Class A FET preamp features a second input, and is designed to accurately capture acoustic tone.  It features a volume control and allows the user to manually control the amount of feedback.
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