Best Acting Schools In Florida

You live in Florida or plan on moving there to study acting. Here are the best acting schools in Florida.

  1. Florida StateFlorida State University, besides having a great football team, is one of the best acting schools in Florida.  Florida State School of Theatre helps students find where they fit into in the theatre world and helps them grow as artists. Students will be taking intensive classes in acting, voice, and movement, with a variety of specialized workshops this all leads to a great BFA.
  2. Acting School of South Florida- Many graduates from Acting School of South Florida go to Hollywood or New York to work in film, TV, and perform on Broadway. Their program looks at the individual strengths and weaknesses and provides the proper training tailored to that student. If looking for a conservatory program, they offer a three level conservatory program.  Level one and two is about building a foundation. Level three focuses on research and building character development. 
  3. University Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.- University Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. is one of the best acting schools in Florida. University Center for the Performing Arts, Inc focuses on the Eric Morris System. Mr. Morris is one of the most sought out teachers in Hollywood; he's published five best selling acting books teaching the actor to go beyond the Method and deal with freeing the instrument. They offer students classes in theatre and film, dance, and music. For students this is an opportunity to grow as performers and embrace their uniqueness.
  4. Venue Actors Studio Venue Actors Studio is another one of the best acting schools in Florida. Venue Actors Studio trains actors to be geared up for professional work with the Strasberg Method. Venue Actors is located in the Gulf Coast/Tampa Bay area.
  5. Atlantic Arts Academy- Atlantic Arts Academy is run by Frank Licari who produced five original works on New York’s Theatre Row. This school is great for the beginner who wants to break into the acting scene. If you are starting out in the show business this is the place to go. Students will learn improv, monologues, scene study, stage combat, and script analysis.
  6. L.A. Acting Workshop/East- L.A. Acting Workshop/East shows you do not have to live in LA/NYC to act. Located in Orlando, their mission is to train, inspire and open doors for actors. The focus is training for camera rather than for the stage. Students take classes for on-camera and voice-over as well as soap, commercial, sit-com, and industrial acting. 
  7. Palm Beach Acting School- Palm Beach Acting School teaches students to live in the moment truthfully based on the Sanford Meisner acting technique.  Their mission is to build the best acting school so that students from South Florida get the same status given in Hollywood.
  8. Minimalist Film School of Acting– Minimalist Film School of Acting is also based on the Eric Morris Method which teaches students the craft plus the technical side of film.  They focus on details, details, details so if you are looking for someone to truly nit pick your craft this is the place.
  9. The Working Actor’s Studio- The Working Actor’s Studio is the go-to place for the working actor and thus one of the best acting schools in Florida. If you are looking for one-on-one attention, The Working Actor’s Studio offers career counseling to private tutoring.  They also offer a variety of classes to keep on top of your acting skills from auditioning to acting to voice-over.  
  10. The Actors Workshop of South Florida- The Actors Workshop of South Florida is also a school that open doors for everyone and is one of the best acting schools in Florida. The Actors Workshop is great for beginners, professionals or just for kicksThey offer eight week ongoing classes for teens to the elderly who are still kids at heart. They focus on getting you out the door immediately for acting work, believing it’s about going out and doing versus sitting and thinking. They offer training in theatre, film, and TV from voice to movement to scene study and let’s not forget improv.

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