Best Acting Schools In Ohio

Curious about the best acting schools in Ohio? If you have an interest in acting, one of these acting schools in Ohio may be right for you.

  1. Acting School of Columbus. One of the best acting schools in Ohio is known as the Acting School of Columbus. It is also known for the in-depth courses of instruction for aspiring actors and actresses. Local agents, directors, casting directors, theaters and other media sources consider the Acting School of Columbus to be one of the best acting schools in Ohio. The classes offered for adults include Acting for TV Commercials, Acting for Film for Beginners and Advanced Acting for Film. There are classes for ages twelve to sixteen as well that include Acting for TV, Film and Commercials and Advanced Acting for Film and Television. The acting studio is located in Columbus, Ohio at the Galbreath Pavilion, Studio #3, 39 East State Street.
  2. Bowling Green State University. Located in Bowling Green, Ohio, this is another one of the best acting schools in Ohio. The university offers a Bachelor of Arts specializing in acting and directing. The courses include, but are not limited to, Acting Principles, Topics in Voice and Movement, Directing, Basic Costume Construction, Scenery Construction and Stage Management. There are 70 hours of coursework outside the normal department curriculum. The Bowling Green theatre program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre. For those students who desire a higher education in acting, Bowling Green University also offers a Ph.D. in Theatre, a Master of Arts in Theatre and a Performance Studies Graduate Certificate.
  3. Ohio University School of Theater. For students looking for theater acting and to gain a professional degree in that field, an excellent choice is the Ohio University School of Theater, located in Athens, Ohio. For undergraduate studies, Theater, Production Design and Technology, Theater Performance, Playwriting and Stage Management courses are offered. For graduate degrees, Theater, Production Design and Technology, Professional Actor Training, Professional Director Training, Playwriting and Theater History and Criticism courses are offered.



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