Best Acting Schools In St. Petersburg, FL

The 5 best acting schools in St. Petersburg, Florida consists of a mixture of different teaching programs which include a diverse culture for teaching an apprentice in acting as well as becoming familiar with the performing arts. The arts need variation because of the different complexities which are involved such as song, dance, writing, acting, coaching, apprenticing and learning a trade in the arts. Song and voice are needed within the acting realm. All of these skills are necessary in today’s world of acting.

  1. Venue Actors Studio This studio school provides training for actors and actresses who were also trained by Lee Strasberg. It is considered some of the finest training in the Florida region. People who attend this training program in the art of acting receive an outline on acting itself along with strong guidance from established professionals such as Ro Martinez, Bridget Bean, Dan Khoury, Tony Valentine, Annie Carillo and Tarsha Ahmad. Terminology and learning the craft of acting itself are taught in this school. This truly is considered one of the best schools in St. Petersburg, Florida concerning acting and guidance to become a star in film.
  2. Abba Dabba Theatre This theatre company gears its teaching toward youth. It provides instruction as well as experience in the theatre business. This starts the child in an avenue geared toward cinema and acting. Classes in music, dance and recreational drama are offered. This will provide a base for children interested in the arts and as well as give them a head start as the child may need this base as he becomes older and wishes to continue a career in the arts. The children help create an actual product ion during camp. This camp and school remains one of the best acting schools in St. Petersburg, Florida because of its devotion to youth.
  3. American Stage Theatre Company The American Stage theatre Company is dedicated to the training of youth in the dramatic arts. It is maintained by a number of professional artists who are dedicated to the professionalism and career orientation of a child’s future. Much of the teaching within the company consists of motivational thinking, discovering a common purpose, an accountable platform, leadership identifiers, performance goals and exploring complimentary skills within the theatre and group. This school’s primary purpose is in the development of youth. This school remains one of the five best acting schools benefiting youth and the future of youth in society and within the arts.
  4. St. Petersburg Little Theatre This smaller theatrical school delights in the teaching of children with its emphasis on the performing arts. Each summer, it develops a play through the involvement of youth as children learn the ropes of the theatre. This summer camp teaches children how to perform and act. There are musicals and plays, which include adult acting and tryouts to perform. It remains one of the best acting schools as it provides scholarships for the school involving the teaching of acting. Youth who do not have much money can participate in the fun and get an education for the summer. This school remains one of the five best acting schools in St. Petersburg, Florida because of its acknowledgment regarding the needs of youth.
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