Best After Shave for Dry Skin

The best after shave for dry skin is one that does not contain alcohol but, instead, has some type of moisturizer in its contents.

  1. It is best to back up to advice on the shaving process itself since it has a lot to do with how dry and irritated one's skin can become.
  2. The suggested time to shave is after bathing or showering because the hairs are soft and the pores are opened.  The shaving will cause less irritation because there is less friction created between the hairs and the razor. 
  3. Using a shave cream with aloe mixed into it will help or a thick shave gel of some type. Let it remain for about three minutes before starting to shave.
  4. Using a good razor and changing the blades after every five to seven shaves will also cut down on irritation.  One with multiple blades and a conditioning strip would be the best choice. 
  5. Use warm water rather than hot water because hot water removes natural skin oils that keep the skin from drying out.
  6. Wash your face well. 
  7. The use of a good after shave removes any remaining shave gel, cools the skin, and aids against irritation and swelling by closing the pores. 
  8. Applying a good moisturizer is important for the skin's benefit, to retain moisture from the bath or shower, and to give a healthy glow to your face. 
  9. A moisturizer that has lactic or urea acid should help dry skin because those ingredients encourage the skin to retain water. 
  10. Both over-the-counter and prescription moisturizers usually contain lactic or urea acid.

If you combine the best after shave for dry skin with the other above suggestions, you should end up being very pleased with the quality of  your dry skin after you shave.


American Academy of Dermatology

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