Best Al Pacino Cop Movies

The best Al Pacino cop movies give fans a glimpse of the great actor at the other side of the law instead of playing gangsters. These cop movies featuring Al Pacino show the grind of trying to solve their cases and bring down the bad guys. Al Pacino always provides audiences with the deep turmoil these cops undergo in order to capture the fugitives in his movies. The best cop movies are the ones where characters from both sides of the law are featured and Al Pacino definitely delivers in that front.

  1. "Serpico" The fact-based cop drama stars Al Pacino as officer Frank Serpico, an honest man surrounded by police corruption. Officer Serpico becomes a whistleblower against corruption and watches his fellow officers turn their backs to him.   
  2. "Sea of Love" A serial killer is on the prowl by killing those who use a lonely hearts column. Al Pacino plays detective Frank Miller, a lonely cop who happens to fall for the prime suspect in the case.
  3. "Heat" Michael Mann's crime saga matches up two acting heavyweights, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, in their first onscreen pairing together. A veteran detective hunts down a crafty thief and his crew before making any more big time heists.
  4. "Insomnia" A burnt out cop travels with his partner to a small town in Alaska to investigate the murder of a young teen. The drama heats up when the detective covers up the shooting death of his partner while trying to hunt down the killer who suspected him of planting evidence in a previous case.
  5. "Righteous Kill" Al Pacino and Robert De Niro star together as two detectives on the case of a serial killer. Things get complicated as the prime suspect is believed to a cop which begins a series of suspicion amongst each other.
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