Best Alternative Medicine For Cancer

Many people are turning to complementary and alternative medicine, and here, you can learn about the best alternative medicine for cancer below. The National Institute recommends talking to your doctor so s/he can determine if alternative medicine for cancer is best for you. The National Institute of Health notes that many cancer patients are afraid to ask their doctors about alternative medicine, but many doctors actually embrace alternative medicine so don't worry about offending them. Here are some alternative medicine options to consider.

In order to learn about the best alternative medicine for cancer, you will need:

  • To make an appointment with your doctor
  1. Acupuncture. Acupuncture is an alternative (or complementary) medicine for many conditions, including cancer. Acupuncture practitioners use hair-thin needles and insert them along different points on what Chinese Medicine calls the "meridian." Traditional medical practitioners believe that acupuncture stimulates the central nervous system thereby healing the patient. Chinese alternative medicine maintains that acupuncture restores the body's energy flow, or "chi", and the corresponding ailment is a result of blocked energy.
  2. Yoga. Yoga and other mind-body medicines are based on the idea that your brain can control the responses in your body. Yoga includes different poses, breathing exercises, and stretches and can also be used with meditation. When you are depressed or stressed out, your body produces what are called "free radicals" or toxins that can weaken your immune system. Yoga can help patients have a positive outlook on their treatment. Yoga can also provide tremendous pain relief from chemotherapy.
  3. Herbal Therapy. Herbs can be used as an alternative medicine or in conjunction with western prescription medicine. Many cancer patients believe herbs are a best alternative medicine because they have fewer side effects and patients feel better when taking herbs. Potassium, for example, is believed to have cancer fighting properties and that low levels of potassium and high levels of sodium cause the body to become unbalanced, promoting tumor growth. Research is still being done to confirm the efficacy of taking potassium supplements.



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