Best Aluminum Boats

The best aluminum boats are mainly designed for outdoors activities like fishing and hunting. This list of best aluminum boats will feature crafts that cater to the outdoor lifestyle. If you feel like casting a line and waiting hours for the pleasure of reeling in a big one, or if you just like hunting wildlife and cruising in style, consider these aluminum boats.

  1. War Eagle 861 Predator. This aluminum boat features a lot of storage room for all your equipment. It has loads of room to hold ice chests and has room for dry storage and added bow storage. A smooth ride is guaranteed courtesy of the V-hull design, and it accommodates engines up to 115 horsepower.
  2. Lund Sports Angler 2000. Another aluminum boat made for fishing. This time from Lund, this model increases your possibilities for big water fishing. Coming with a wide-open stern to accommodate your big water fishing, this boat is excellent for making space for gears and anglers. A very powerful motor up to 225 horsepower is also figured in the equation.
  3. Lowe FS 185. Built by Lowe which specializes in low-cost but high-quality aluminum boats, the FS 185 is perfect for your whole family, as it is a water utility vehicle. Including your choice of an up to 150 horsepower motor, this Lowe model also provides for comfort and enjoyment as it features a digital stereo, MP3 plug-ins, and drink holders.
  4. G3 Angler V 185. The Angler V 185 is another big water aluminum boat that was designed to promote your ability to fish for multiple species of fish. It can act as a casual weekend fishing vehicle or a machine that will get you through the most demanding fishing conditions.



Lowe FS 185

Angler V 185

Lund Sports Angler

War Eagle 861 Predator

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