Best American Macro Lagers

When searching for the right beer to fuel a fun-filled, yet cheap gathering, you can be sure to find something drinkable from these best American macro lagers. While some of these might sacrifice some of the high quality taste and ingredients found in micro or craft brews, you won’t have to overdraft the checking account to throw a party. These are also fantastically accessible and easy to find as well, saving time and effort, and allowing you to spend more time enjoying yourself, and less time worrying about money or tracking down the latest limited beer sensation.

  1. Yuengling Traditional Lager. One of the oldest breweries in the country has been churning out this incredible lager for generations. Smooth taste, yet light enough for a summer barbecue.
  2. Pabst Blue Ribbon. The absolute biggest bang for your buck around as far as macro lagers go. Not only is Pabst incredibly cheap, but the brewers aren’t afraid to give it a half-way decent taste as well.
  3. Landshark Lager. A great American macro version of the immensely popular Corona beers that frequent baseball games and television commercials. Toss a lime in one of these babies and you’re ready to rock.
  4. Michelob Original Lager. Even though this brewery is known for their super light low calorie beers, they can still put together a quality lager.
  5. Miller Genuine Draft. If you enjoy Miller Lite, but thirst for something with a bigger taste, this is the macro lager for you. Smooth, refreshing, and pure golden beer enjoyment.
  6. Keystone Light. These are incredibly light, but also very inexpensive and easy to drink. Load up the cooler for an afternoon at the ball game or a summer holiday celebration.
  7. Miller High Life. The uncontested “Champagne of Beers” is an essential on the best American macro lagers list. Bubbly, light flavors make this one of the most popular beers around.
  8. Budweiser. How could we possibly leave the “King of Beers” off the macro lager list? Selling millions upon millions of cases per year, this is a year-round American classic.
  9. Genesee Beer. New York’s own working class beer, known for its unusually enjoyable taste despite having a highly cheap price tag.
  10. Schlitz. Some people might think we’re beginning to reach a little bit on this one, but Schlitz is still a good macro lager considering some of its competitors. Don’t be afraid to try something different, even if the old school packaging and taste might appear intimidating.
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