Best Android Apps

You can spend hours looking for the best android apps. The Google Android market offers over 100,000 apps for just about anything, which can make choosing an app difficult. The best Android apps are those that help make your life easier, provide information you seek or are just fun. Keep reading to learn about some of the best apps available on the Android market.

  1. Think Space. This is one of the best Android apps that allows you to create mind maps that help you organize your thoughts and brainstorm. Think Space is perfect for project managers, entrepreneurs and those who need to keep track of the voices in their head.
  2. Astro File Manager. Turn your smart phone into a miniature computer. Astro File Manager is an app that allows you to create compressed files; rename, copy and move files; backup your Android apps and send files as attachments.
  3. ESPN ScoreCenter. Get all the information you need on your favorite sports teams with the best Android app for sports. ScoreCenter is a comprehensive app that keeps you up to speed with game scores, including fantasy sports team stats, which is perfect for when you are dragged on a date to eat dinner with your girlfriend’s parents.
  4. Flixster. Find box office show times, find area theaters, read over 65,000 movie reviews and manage you Netflix account with the best Android app for movie buffs.
  5. Pandora Radio. Sync your online Pandora account with your cell phone to listen to your favorite music wherever you go. Pandora is one of the best Android apps for listening to music because you can do so without downloading space-hogging tunes to your phone.
  6. Advanced Task Killer. The best app to keep your phone running fast, Advanced Task Killer does not allow apps to run in the background if you are not using them.
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