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At the present time, many of the best Android games have increased the fame of apps. This is because the Android has a powerful potential to be a gaming device in itself. More and more mobile phones running the Android operating system have gained popularity. Now, lots of developers are creating more apps for the Android market by bringing their works to Google’s smart phone platform.

  1. "Zenonia." This is an old-school adventure game akin to the "Legend of Zelda". Despite the fact that many people prefer to save their RPGs for bigger screens, others don’t care and actually enjoy it. "Zenonia" features anime style characters and graphics with numerous quests following an epic storyline. Users have great variety of skills available with stylish effects, hundreds of interesting items for each character and dynamic control and movement.
  2. "Illusia." This game comes from the same creators of "Zenonia". It’s indeed a remarkable action RPG that brings you into the virtual world of Aztaran. "Ilussia" features anime style characters and graphics too, with rush mode and mission mode in conjunction with normal and hard modes. You have unreadable classes and spectacular skills, which make for a visually impressive customization.
  3. "Bonsai Blast." You will understand this game more easily if you’ve ever played "Puzzle Bobble". You have to shoot the balls into the stream in order to make up groups of three with the same color in order to clear them. You lose if you don’t get the balls before they reach the Yin Yang symbol. Get new chances by moving your gun around and get power ups and bonuses to win. This game is free and awesome.
  4. "Robo Defense." This one's your typical tower defense game where you build defenses against a great amount of mean robots who attack you. Loads of maps with different difficulty levels are available. You get twenty lives and a choice of defenses which can all be improved. This is such a strategy game that you can enjoy for only $2.99. Of course, you can check out the free demo first.
  5. "Gem Miner." Here you are a grizzled old miner who has to move downwards into the depths to obtain whatever precious ores and gems you may find. This is an attractive game and you will need some strategic abilities to get your hands on bigger prizes. Get your own free version and start playing.
  6. "Sketch Online." This is an amazing free game based on Pictionary. Take part with other players in an online chat room. The person who guesses the picture correctly becomes the sketcher. You will have a thing to draw that only you are able to see. As you draw, the other players see the outcomes in real time and can weigh in with their own guesses. It is an intelligent use of the touch screen, for a very outgoing experience.
  7. "Radiant." A "Space Invaders" style action game. It is a classic and one of the best Android games available. You use an alien horde that must fight to protect their home world from ruins. You can get some weapon upgrades and power-ups. Try out "Radiant" for free or get the full version for $2.50.
  8. "Abduction." An awesome Android game where your fellow cows are abducted by aliens, so you have to follow the UFO into space and pick power-ups as you go. It features bonuses, little surprise boxes that can give you high jumps, safety nets and extra points. Other choices can bring you crumbies, which are land patches that you can jump on once.
  9. "Air Control." An interesting Android game based around you pretending to be an air traffic controller. You’ve got to guide planes to landing strips with a swish of your finger. You can play it for free.
  10. "Air Attack." An award winning next-generation top down air combat shooter with stunning 3D graphics and great audio effects and gameplay. It features three great missions, 24 different enemy types, two special planes, many upgrades and unique weapons. It also boasts orchestral music, three difficulty modes, destructible buildings, real time physics, amazing lighting and special effects. Some are free and other versions cost a couple bucks.
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