Best Animated Movies To Watch While Intoxicated

Animated movies can sometimes be a drag if you're not into them; with this in mind, here's a list of the best animated movies to watch while intoxicated. As we all know, getting drunk can vastly increase in the amount of things you're into. Still, some animated movies are better to watch while intoxicated than others.

1."Dumbo" Walt Disney's immortal children's classic has brought joy to millions of children over the years. Why should you starve yourself of this joy by staying sober when you watch it? Like many of the best animated movies to watch while intoxicated, "Dumbo" actually contains explicit alcohol-related content in the form of the infamous "Pink Elephants" sequence. You'll laugh and laugh, and then forget why you were laughing, and then you'll laugh at that.

2."Fantasia" The best animated movies to watch while intoxicated don't have complex plots or characters that require serious attention. And for much of "Fantasia," there IS no plot—just a series of abstract images set to classical music. And, like many of the best animated movies to watch while intoxicated it contains cartoon characters getting drunk! And between the fighting dinosaurs and giant scary Bela Lugosi-modeled demons, "Fantasia" might be OK to watch sober as well. Next time.

3."Alice in Wonderland" Trippy imagery is a hallmark of the best animated movies to watch while intoxicated, and "Alice in Wonderland" has no shortage of that. The supposed influence of LSD on the animators is mere urban legend, but there's no reason to think that alcohol wasn't flowing freely at Disney studios when they made this one.

4. "Fantastic Planet" The best animated movies to watch while intoxicated aren't all from the United States. In fact, if we didn't know any better we'd be tempted to guess that "Fantastic Planet" isn't even from the planet Earth. It has some of the most bizarre scifi imagery of any movie, animated or otherwise, which makes it doubly interesting to a mind that's slowly being destroyed by drugs or alcohol.

5."Waking Life" Not only is "Waking Life" one of the best movies to watch while intoxicated, it also belongs to a specific subgenre of movies known as the "Whoa, Man" movie. In fact, it's pretty much the king of all "Whoa, Man" movies, as it is made up of almost 100% pure unadulterated whoamanosity. And the highly unique animation style (known as rotoscoping) is as distinctive as they come. Whoa, man.



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