Best Anthony Hopkins Movies

Among his many accomplishments, two of the scariest flicks of all time top the list of best Anthony Hopkins movies. He’s taken on many complex characters during his 45 year career and these are his five best films.
  1. “Magic” The Anthony Hopkins’ movie “Magic” is not for the faint of heart. He plays a ventriloquist with a homicidal tendencies and a really, really creepy dummy. Plus, it has the distinction of having one of the creepiest commercial campaigns in movie history featuring the Hopkins look-alike dummy.
  2. “The Silence of the Lambs” This Anthony Hopkins movie is one of the most frightening psychological thrillers of all time. Hopkins plays serial killer Hannibal Lecter in a chilling performance that is best enjoyed with a nice Chianti and some fa-fa-fava beans.
  3. “Meet Joe Black” Although this Anthony Hopkins movie was panned by critics, “Meet Joe Black” is actually quite engaging. The legendary screen veteran starred as a millionaire who takes the simplistic (and dead) Brad Pitt character under his wing, in this beautifully shot film that is really worth a viewing for those who brushed it off as a cinematic failure. 
  4. “Nixon” Impersonations aren’t usually a common thread in Anthony Hopkins movies. But in 1995, the British thespian took on the part of the most notorious U.S. President in history. Hopkins so perfectly embodied the doomed Commander in Chief, he probably could have even convinced audiences that he was not a crook.
  5. “The Elephant Man” The true-life story of the tragically disfigured Joseph Merrick rounds out the list of best Anthony Hopkins movies. The black and white film was directed by shock-master David Lynch and was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.  
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