Best Anthony Logistics For Men Products

Some of the best Anthony, Logistics for Men products are favorites among the men who use them. Anthony offers many great products for men, including shaving creams, facial cleansers and scrubs and moisturizers. Here are five of the best products Anthony offers under the Logistics for Men label.

  1. Anthony Logistics for Men Mud Scrub Exfoliating Bar. This cleansing bar offers a fresh mint fragrance and removes all oil from skin without leaving the skin feeling dry. It sells for around $13.
  2. Anthony Logistics for Men Facial Scrub. This facial scrub cleanser works great to loosen and free ingrown hairs on a man's face. It has a fantastic smell, it's refreshing and it nourishes the skin. It sells for around $20.
  3. Anthony Logistics for Men Sea Salt Body Scrub. This great body scrub is built for a man, but women also enjoy it. It has a citrus-like smell and offers a good, deep cleaning. It's like a gel with salt granules in it and can be used as a body wash. It sells for around $26.
  4. Anthony Logistics for Men Astringent Toner Pads. These toner pads for men can be used day and night. They should be used after cleansing the face or shaving, but before the skin is moisturized. The pads reduce oil in the skin, clean pores out and calm and refresh the skin. This product sells for around $20.
  5. Anthony Logistics for Men After Shave Balm. This is the remedy men look for every day. Application of this after shave balm soothes and relieves burning skin caused by shaving. It is greaseless, absorbs fast and leaves skin feeling great. Many men use it even if they haven't just shaved because the smell is absolutely terrific.



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