Best Antivirus For Windows 7

There are many opinions on which solutions provide the best antivirus for Windows 7 machines.    Antivirus programs are in existence because of the vulnerabilities to viruses, malware and trojans to Windows Operating Systems.  Without the proper protection, Windows 7 computers can come to a grinding halt or become inoperable all together under the weight of unwanted and harmful programs.  This is a list of the best antivirus programs which work particularly well on Windows 7.

  1. AVG Anti-Virus.   AVG Anti-virus boasts an antivirus program known for fast scans for viruses, great performance and ease of use.  AVG accomplishes this with not only its paid version, but the free program offering as well.  The antivirus protection is automatically updated in both paid and free versions.
  2. Avast Antivirus.  Avast has been gaining on its top competitor year after year because of its ease of use.  Installation is simple, and the protection is considered top notch with daily automatic updates of its virus database.  The minimized use of resources on Windows 7 machines makes this a fan favorite.
  3. Avira Antivir Personal.  Offers a wide range of scan customization.  Full computer antivirus scans vary, but average for about 1 hour which is standard for the industry.  Offers one click removal of any threat.
  4. Panda Cloud Antivirus.  Considered very simple to use.  Boasts the use of fewer resources for the same or greater antivirus protection as its competitors.  Using less memory is a good reason Panda Cloud made the list.  Runs in the background on Windows 7 machines silently and fast.
  5. Norton Antivirus.  Norton was once top in antivirus protection in the industry.  Unlike its competitors, does not have a full free offer for Windows 7 machines.  Is only free to try and then an annual subscription is required.  With the Norton name, offers good protection, but many dislike the big size of installation of the necessary tools for this antivirus.
  6. Nod32.  Offers a small footprint on Windows 7 machines and can detect invasions in line with the rest of its competitors.  Rich in features, but only offers a paid version after a free trial.
  7. Treatfire Antivirus.  Gives real-time antivirus protection.  Detects viruses as you work and comes with email protection.  Users can pick and choose the type of protection they desire.  Is considered a great protection tool, but sometimes can notify you of security threats without a label.  As a result, false positives can be difficult to detect.
  8. Kaspersky Antivirus 2011.  Easy to use, simple and intuitive interface.  No gimmicks and only provides antivirus protection.  But, it more expensive than its competitors.  Especially in the world of reliable free antivirus tools.
  9. Vipre Antivirus.  Installation only takes a few minutes and a reboot afterwards is not required.  Considered reliable antivirus protection for Windows 7 despite some complaints of lock up issues.
  10. McAfee Antivirus Plus.  McAfee combines antivirus with antispyware protection.  The latest software updates are downloaded continuously so the protection is never out of date.  McAfee used to dominate its competitors, and its seeking to get back into the top spots with the new and informative interface introduced in 2010.
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