Best Apps For Iphone 4

If you own an iPhone, you will no doubt want to know what the best apps for the iPhone 4 are. You can then compare them to the apps you already have on your device and download the ones you don't. Rated by a tech Web site, this list is ideal for you, the iPhone 4 owner.

  1. iMovie. This iPhone 4 app allows you to edit videos on your device. You can even edit HD shots you've taken.
  2. Pandora. This is one of the most popular apps for the iPhone 4. You can listen to Pandora regardless of what app you are using, provided it doesn't require volume.
  3. Loopt. Basically a GPS app, this one allows you to track your friends as they move from one place to another. It's a bit stalkerish, but if you have some close friends who don't mind, you might consider downloading this app to your iPhone 4.
  4. Real Racing. This app is a driving game for the iPhone 4, and the graphics in this version are even better than ever. You can also use the gyroscope to add an additional axis point for controlling the game. This app costs $4.99.
  5. Twitter. Probably everyone knows about this app by now, as it is available on not only iPhones but on all smartphones with web service. On iPhone 4, it appears even sharper in view and sends in the background if you tweet and leave the app.
  6. Tap Tap Revenge 3. A popular game app, you can multi-task while playing so that you can pause it in your iPhone 4 to reply to a tweet or an e-mail.
  7. Truphone. This iPhone 4 app runs in the background and gives users free calls to Skype, Google Talk and of course, Truphone users. You can also receive regular calls as well as IMs in the background.
  8. Dropbox. This is a very handy app for the iPhone that allows you to drop files and sync them to your device.
  9. Quordy. A game similar to Boggle, this app will no doubt prove addictive when you add it to your iPhone 4.
  10. Flight Control. Another game, this app is extremely addictive on iPhone 4. The screen is incredibly sharp, and the objective of the game is to land planes and helicopters without crashing them into one another.



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