Best Babe Butt

If you’re looking for the best babe butt then you’ve found it. We have records of three of the hottest women with the most plump and juiciest bottoms.

  1. Kim Kardashian. Even she once said that she liked her “big fat butt.” This babe has one of the best and the sexiest bottoms around. It became famous before Kim did, thanks to a little known sex tape. It shows her butt and then some!
  2. Jennifer Lopez. This hot babe used to take the number one spot, before Kim came along. Her butt is so hot that there's a rumor she even had it insured for $1 billion dollars! Her bottom may jiggle, but it’s not out of shape. No wonder it’s on the list for the best babe butt.
  3. Jessica Biel. We like to praise this actress for the best All American babe butt. There have been rumors about her getting butt implant surgery. Fake or not, we’d like to have some of that.
  4. Mariah Carey. This chick may be crazy, but does have some great babe butt! After all, Mariah Carey is well-known for her eye-popping curves. (Oh yeah, and her killer pipes.) It would be a hazard to have her hanging on your wall.
  5. Eva Longoria. Don’t be put off by this petite babe. She has the best butt around. It’s toned, yet curvy at the same time. You should see her in a bikini. Just because she’s small doesn’t mean she doesn’t have curves!
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