Best Bass Fishing Worms

Looking for the best bass fishing worms? We've got you covered here. There are so many types and varieties of fishing worms to choose from, that a person could easily get overwhelmed. When fishing for bass, you will need particular kinds of worms that will attract this kind of fish. Read on to learn more about bass fishing worms. 

  1. Earthworms. This type of worm is by far considered one of the best fishing worms in existence. They are durable, tough, and usually stay alive even when underwater for a long period of time. They're also relatively easy to find, and common in most bait shops. When in doubt, just use earthworms and you can guarantee you will not be disappointed. 
  2. Bloodworms. Striped bass in particular love bloodworms. They work best when hooked together in clumps or groups, and are thin and maroon in color. This type of worm does bite, however, so the fisherman will need to handle them with extreme care. A bloodworm's bite can feel a bit like a bee-sting and is known to be painful. 
  3. European nightcrawlers. This type of worm is extremely tough and durable, and can survive without refrigeration for a relatively long time. They are dusty or light red in color, and usually measure about three or four inches long. Like the earthworm, the European nightcrawler can also stay alive while underwater for a very long time. 
  4. Colorful worms. Especially while fishing for bass, it is best to use worms that are vibrantly colored. Red, black, green, purple, deep brown, or blue worms tend to be a favorite among bass. Of course, you do not need to use these colors, but these types of worms are often used for bass fishing. It is also a good idea to choose a color of worm that contrasts heavily with the color of the water you are fishing in. 
  5. Tiger worm. This deeply colored red worm is striped and is a great type of worm to fish with for all different kinds of fish species. Tiger worms are a type of Earthworm, and therefore can survive underwater for a long period of time. They are easily seen underwater, making them excellent bait for bass fish. 
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