Best Beginner Bowling Shoes

There are a lot of things to consider when looking at the best beginner bowling shoes. Bowling shoes can range from being very cheap to being extremely expensive, and it is almost tough to impossible to tell the difference. The most important thing to consider when getting bowling shoes is just whether or not it is comfortable while bowling and while walking around on the sidelines.

  1. Facility Rentals. The best deal you can get on beginner bowling shoes is to just use rental shoes from the facility you are bowling at. These shoes do not cost that much and do not lead to any further commitment if bowling stops being a primary sport. Most bowlers start with using rental shoes and really can’t tell the different with much fancier shoes. 
  2. Brunswick ManuFor something really stylish and unique, the Brunswick Manu provides great shoes for beginners that want to look good while bowling. 
  3. Dexter Mens Jack. For the best beginner bowling shoes that aren’t too pricey and look very stylish, Dexter provides a lot of great choices. The Dexter Mens Jack looks like a shoe you could wear anywhere and is very comfortable as well.
  4. Brunswick Pro Tred. This classy brown shoe goes well with any bowling outfit and ha some additional cushioning for pushing off during a throw. 
  5. Dexter Mens SST 8. Said to improve the performance of every bowler, this expensive beginner bowling shoe is comfortable and has different textures on the sole for different traction.
  6. Dexter Mens Daxx II. These shoes make great beginner bowling shoes and look like some really great designer shoes, though they are very budget-friendly. 
  7. Elite Tribal Red. Elite offers the Tribal Red shoe which looks very cool on the lanes and is a definite standout. 
  8. Dexter Cosmic Bowling Shoes. If you can find them, these bowling shoes actually glow in the dark. So when the lights go out for cosmic bowling, watch the heads turn your way with these great beginner shoes.    
  9. Dexter Jeff Black/White/Red. This beginner bowling shoe is bright but not nauseating to look at like many bowling shoes. 
  10. Brunswick Sprock-IT. This is the perfect plain, white shoe for any beginner bowler. It goes well with any outfit and is built to be very durable. 
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