Best Beginner New Zealand Surf Spots

The best beginner New Zealand surf spots are those spots which provide beginner surfers with a challenge nonetheless, but not such an impossibly steep challenge to discourage them. While places like Hawaii and California may be more associated with surfing that New Zealand, New Zealand itself is speedily catching up as a surfing mecca for dudes all over the planet.

  1. Waikato. Waikato takes the top spot as the best New Zealand surf spot on account of how popular this location is in this territory of the world (Australasia). Surfing conditions are such here that you are almost guaranteed a fair chance at being able to stay on your board, especially because of the excellent peelers and ideal lines that you can find in places like the surf break just to the south of Raglan. Just a few kilometers west of Raglan is Whale Bay, another place great for beginners since it is known to surfers as a place to relax and catch some hollow waves.
  2. Hawke's Bay. Hawke's Bay is swell for beginners looking for a New Zealand surf spot because it draws swells to its waters from all sorts of directions. All it really takes to ride your perfect wave in this bay is a little bit of local knowledge. In other words, familiarity with this bay and the waters in it. Since practice makes perfect, beginners trying their luck in this bay a few times should be able to gradually build up their familiarity with this locale to where they can then seek out their perfect wave. Also check out Harding's Road a couple of kilometers away for a perfect area to begin looking for waves.
  3. Canterbury. The surfing spot of Canterbury includes Christchurch, which features many suburban surfing beaches that are particularly inviting. If you want to avoid crowds, which is always a plus in the surfing world, head to Te Oka and Magnet Bays, also around Canterbury. Here, you will be free of crowds and enjoy the added benefit of powerful breaks along with quick, hollow rollers along this coastline.
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