Best Beginner Nicaragua Surf Spots

Looking for a few of the best beginner Nicaragua surf spots? Nicaragua is known for its amazing weather and even better surf spots. Unfortunately, most of the surf spots in Nicaragua are for experienced surfers. However, there are a few great beginner surf spots in Nicaragua, all of which will be discussed below. All of the surf spots in Nicaragua that will be discussed below are public access surf spots.

  1. Pipes. Pipes is located in La Jaimacana in Leon Province in Nicaragua. Pipes is a surf spot that generally has low tides, which makes it a great surf spot for all types of surfers, including beginners. There are 4 surf camps located near Pipes in Nicaragua, so expect it to be crowded all week long. The normal wave length at Pipes is 50 to 150 meters all day long and the wind typically moves in an eastern direction. Pipes has a sandy bottom and you can generally surf there at least 150 days per year.
  2. Playa Remanso. You will find Playa Remanso on the western coast of Nicaragua near San Juan Del Sur. Playa Remanso is classified as a beginner surf spot and is generally quiet all week long. The waves generally move right to left at Playa Remanso and on a normal day, you can expect waves that are 50 to 150 meters long. The swells at Playa Remanso can reach up to 4 meters or higher, but expect them to hover around 1 meter or so.
  3. San Juan Del Sur. San Juan Del Sur is a tiny coastal town that is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean in Nicaragua. There are some people that live year round in San Juan Del Sur, but this small town is a hot spot for tourists because of surfing. San Juan Del Sur is a great beginner surf spot in Nicaragua because of its sloppy wave quality and beginner waves. The waves at San Juan Del Sur are generally no longer than 50 meters and you typically will not see swells above 1 meter or so. Given the fact that the waves at San Juan Del Sor are generally powerless, this surf spot is quiet all week long.



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