Best Beginner Puerto Rico Surf Spots

The tiny commonwealth of Puerto Rico offers much, and the five best beginner Puerto Rico surfs spots will take you around this beautiful island in style. Puerto Rico is a wondrous place. Filled with kind people and tropical beauty, this host island of Puerto Rico is a surfer’s paradise. Check out these five beginner surfing spots around Puerto Rico that will allow you the pleasures of the culture and the fun of its waves.

  1. La Ocho: This beginner’s surf spot resides along the sandy beaches of San Juan. Here you can capture the beauty of the capital city and her beaches. This is a smooth spot for beginners to gather some skill and nerve to step up and ride.
  2. El Convento: Down the road a bit in Fajardo is El Convento. This is a relaxing patter and best spot for beginners. With great waters, super folks and a calm and relaxing atmosphere, it brings in those wanting to learn to surf as well as those yearning to chill.
  3. Inches of Patillas: Yes, the waves are a bit more than an inch in swells. Crystal waters may be a tad intimidating as most rather look at the ocean floor. For the beginner, these swells are idea. Very little under current and rip tides are near vacant at this locale. Makes for great learning and fun times.
  4. Jobos: This is a wonderful spot off of Isabella for the beginning surfer. The locals are wonderful, the food exotic and the adventure is truly phenomenal. You must be comfortable with a more native approach for this is homegrown Puerto Rican hospitality. It is a certain don’t miss on the beginning surfer’s circuit.
  5. El Unico: Rounding the island back to Dorado, near San Juan, you find a laming and soothing beach. Wonderful times to be had for the beginning surfer as well as those more advanced. This is a great stretch of beach here, and there is plenty of tradition for the surfer looking for waves and good times.
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