Best Beginner Surf Spots In Bali

Here are the best beginner surf spots in Bali, which enjoy southern ocean swells off the shores of Indonesia. Due to strong offshore winds in the summer, the western side of the island enjoys big swells that contribute to this awesome surfing destination. Bali borders the southern Indian Ocean and surfers can enjoy swells all year round.

  1. Padang Padang Beach. This is a great spot for beginners and it’s the ultimate beach to practice your surfing skills. It is centrally located to the airport and hotels are located on the beach. This beach is known for it’s warm climate and unfailing surf, which makes it popular to surfers around the globe. It is also home to the Bali Surf School, which provides personal and group sessions.
  2. Balangan Beach. This beach is known for being one of the few left hand reef breaks around and it seems to remain secluded during the week. This beach is great for beginners and surfers of all experience levels, there are rock gardens and coral to watch out for. Surfers will enjoy a surf that can be as high as 15m.
  3. Medewi Beach. This is another great surf spot for beginners and the best conditions occur at high tide. Surfers can enjoy an eight-foot swell on a good day and the beach is riddled with restaurants and hotels making this a great surfing vacation spot.
  4. Buitan. This surf destination is between Padangbai and Candidisa and it provides regular waves. Surfing is enjoyed at all tides and the beach stays relatively deserted with only a few locals riding the waves.
  5. Canggu. This surf spot is great for beginner surfers and even though the waves look small standing on the beach, they can get fast very quickly. Waves are right and left and it does have coral and sharp rocks at the bottom to be aware of.
  6. Balian. This beach has good wind direction, but after 11:00 a.m. comes onshore winds. There is a very strong current, but paddling out 50 meters offshore and going to the left will bring you to the peak. This beach is known for it’s very long rides and beginner surfers are sure to get some experience at this surf spot.
  7. Berawa. This is a great surf spot, but watch out for the locals. They tend to get the best waves and it’s not a good idea to get in their way. It provides consistent waves with only a few surfers to compete with. The waves are hollow, fast and fun and this is a great surf spot in Bali for beginners.
  8. Dayana Pura/Seminyak. This beach offers right and left breaks with swells of three to five feet. This beach is always crowded, so make sure you get there early to enjoy all the best waves.
  9. Padang Galak. Access to this great surf spot is just a walk through a padi field with plenty of peaks available. While this beach is suitable for all surfers, it is also crowded during the week and on weekends. The beach break is located on the right with a fast wave that is fun for all experience levels.  
  10. Perenenan. This surf spot in Bali is best in the morning before the winds pick up. Afternoon surfing is really choppy, so make sure you get to this destination early in the morning. This beach is also very popular and crowded, but the waves are fast and powerful and surfers will not want to miss out on this experience.
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