Best Beginner Surf Spots In Costa Rica

You can find places for all skill levels, but here are the best beginner surf spots in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has some of the best surfing you can find anywhere. Since people travel from all over the world to surf in Costa Rica, watch out for the crowds. The areas that are better for the beginners tend attract all levels of surfers.

  1. Nosara – Playa Guinoes. Nosara has two differnt surfing spots. Playa Pelada is more suited for advanced surfers, but Playa Guinoes is good for all abilities. Summer is the best time for surfing at Playa Guinoes, but it does get very crowded.
  2. Playa Tamarindo. Playa Tamarindo has a fairly easy paddle out with nice consistent waves. It is a good spot for both beginners and advanced surfers. There are several waves to choose from in the Tamarindo Bay so you can find something that will fit your skill level. Watch out for other surfers though because the area tends to get a lot of beginners.
  3. Playa Negra. Playa Negra has a good beach break. It has a moderate paddle out, but the break is good for all levels. The northern area of the beach has higher waves so the more advanced surfers tend to head that way.
  4. Esterillos. Esterillos has one of the more difficult paddle outs, but it has a good clean break for beginners. The swells are bigger in the summer and smaller and cleaner in the winter months. This is not one of the more popular spots so it is not very busy with other surfers.
  5. Jaco. Jaco is a good beach break. Many beginner surfers come here to try surfing for the first time. The paddle out is pretty easy, and the atmosphere at the beach is very relaxed. It can get fairly crowded since tourists tend to head here first when they get to Costa Rica.
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