Best Billiard Ball Sets

Some of the best billiard ball sets available today are made using new kinds of resins. These resins allow them to be more durable and responsive during play. They also allow for color and polish to remain more vibrant throughout the ball’s life. Due to the high standard of some these sets, they are mostly seen in competitions on the professional circuit. However, some brands, such as Suzo Happ, are also commonly used in local pool halls and home billiard sets.

  1. Sportcraft Aramith .  Sportcraft Aramith billiard ball sets are used by professional players everywhere. They are created out of pure phenolic resin which is tougher and more durable than the polyester resins other companies use. Considered by many as one of the best billiard ball sets in the world, the Aramith balls are still manufactured in the small Belgian village where the company began.

  2. Vigma Professional Premier Ball.  Vigma are considered to manufacture some of the best billiard ball sets in the industry. Over the past 50 years, Vigma have invested their time and money into researching the most effective designs in billiard ball manufacturing. As a result, their premier ball set from the professional range is made from Kobo Resin which not only ensures a long life for the balls, but also perfect rebound and sharpness to the finish.

  3. Suzo Happ. Suzo Happ manufactures a range of different products for the gaming and entertainment industries. Included in this is their professional grade billiard ball set. The balls are made from polyester resin and are specially treated to prevent the colors from wearing away. Used in pool halls and competition games, the Suzo Happ sets are amongst the best billiard ball sets in their price range. Made to international billiards standards, the ball sets come in a number different weights and styles.


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