Best Billiard Cue Sticks

Ask twenty pool players to choose the best billiard cue sticks and you’ll likely get 20 different answers with 20 different reasons. All will agree on one point, however. The absolute best billiard cue sticks are the ones that feel the most comfortable to the player. With that said, if you’re determined to have the absolute best stick, look at these manufacturers. Each has built a reputation for quality, craftsmanship and durability.

  1. Meucci (pronounced moo-chi) is one of the most often recommended cue manufacturers. Meucci mills the wood for their sticks themselves. They even go so far as to line up the grain of the wood on either side of the joint. Meucci has a reputation as not only one of the best billiard cue sticks, but also one of the most recognized.
  2. Lucasi pool cues carry a lifetime warranty. What makes Lucasi one of the best billiard cue sticks? Wood aged for two years, turned eleven times, and coated with a patented stabilizer means virtually no warpage.
  3. McDermott pool cues are known the world over. Like Lucasi, McDermott cues are aged up to 24 months, but the wood is also machined three times during the aging and drying process. However, it is the wood to wood joints that give these cues superior balance and durability, as well as a spot among the best billiard cue sticks.
  4. Viper cues also rank among the best billiard cue sticks. Not only are these cues handcrafted and air dried for the same two years as Lucasi and McDermott cues, Viper goes one step further. An addition six month’s worth of kiln drying the rock maple used ensures less warpage. Add seven layers of protective sealant and these cues become easy to maintain, keep their finish, and stay straight for years of play.
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