Best Blank Skateboarding Decks

What is the best blank skateboarding deck to buy? If you are an avid skater, you know how easy it is to break decks on the street or ramp, buying a blank deck is always cheaper and you don't have to worry about ruining the graphic on your first grind or drop into a half pipe. Here's a list of some of the best types of blank skateboard decks you can buy.

  1. Old School Style. The old school shaped deck is a classic. The shape is better for cruising than it is for half pipes, but most people buy one for the classic look. It's kind of like the classic car in the skateboarding world.
  2. Longboard. The long board is made for cruising. Resembling a smaller surfboard in shape, it has it's own unique style and purpose. It's not designed for ramps or pipes.
  3. Steep Concave blank. The steeper nose and tail are going to allow for much higher jumps.  This type is great for skate parks, anywhere you plan on jumping over or grinding instead of cruising.
  4. Regular Concave. This type is the regular shape for a board, it's the most common and good for multi purpose use. You can use it on the street or ramps.
  5. Mini. At seven and a half inches wide, it is the smallest type of deck you can buy. It is mainly for looks and is not well suited for ramps or grinding.
  6. Hammer. At ten and a half inches, it's the widest deck you can buy. It resembles the old school style but is a little wider.
  7. Side-G. This one has an interesting shape. It's wider in the front, and thins out in the back. A unique shape, and unlike any other deck.
  8. Street. The street deck is another great all purpose type deck. It has milder nose and tail angles and allows you to cruise or take it into a skate park, a great all around style blank deck.
  9. Midsize. The midsize deck has the same nose and tail angles as the "street," but has a thinner width. It is designed for shorter people, or people with smaller feet.
  10. Longboard Barrel Deck. This is a long surfboard shaped longboard. It most closely resembles a surfboard, more so than the regular longboard. It is only for cruising since it is too long for any kinds of tricks, or ramps.
  11. ShortboardThe shortboard has the same angling and width as the more conventional "street" style, but it is shorter than the average board. It allows for greater range of motion and is more suited to shorter riders.

You can find a good selection of blank decks with some online skate companies. Skatepaige, Skateshed, Blackhole, and Boom Town Skateboards are a few online skate companies that offer a broad range of blank skateboarding decks.

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