Best Bob Dylan Songs About Friendship

The best Bob Dylan songs about friendship will perhaps cause a trickle of a tear to roll down your sentimental and sappy cheeks. These Bob Dylan songs about friendship are songs that are timeless because they celebrate that one basic need that every human being has: to be accepted and cherished by a friend. Sometimes cliched, sometimes touchy-feely, and sometimes too sensitive, Dylan's friendship songs are, nonetheless, all very sincere.

  1. "All I Really Want To Do." This Bob Dylan song about friendship sits at number one because of how pure of heart it is. In the song, Dylan is clearly expressing his heartfelt desire to simply be the best friend he can be with another human being. He also expressly rules out all kinds of things a person can do to another to hurt them–like cheating them or mistreating them–and assures the object of his friendship that he will never do any of these things. A true pledge of friendship in song if there ever was one.
  2. "Dream." The Bob Dylan song "Dream" is a sort of Dylan retrospective about some friends he had a long time ago in the past. He also reminisces a whole lot in this Dylan song about friendship, to the point where he is actually listing and singing about all the past activities with the friends that he's still extremely fond of but doesn't have the chance to do with them anymore. As a final ode in this pure song about friendship, Bob Dylan testifies how he would willingly surrender a big sum of money if he could revisit those simpler times with his first friends.
  3. "Blowin' In The Wind." This is probably the most iconic and, thus, well-known song about friendship from Bob Dylan. While most people may not at first traditionally associate it with friendship, you just have to really listen to "Blowin' In The Wind's" lyrics to get that real sense of it. Dylan is clearly attempting to get his friends to find out the deeper meaning of life by simply taking a minute to read in between the lines of all that is happening around them.
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