Best Body Surfing Beaches In New Jersey

The best body surfing beaches in New Jersey offer far more to their tourists then just body surfing. It's not often that "beach" comes to mind when thinking of New Jersey, but believe it or not, NJ beaches have some of the best waves on the Eastern seaboard. Body surfing is standing up right with your hand at the top of your head acting as a fin. When the waves comes, diving into it, your body acts as a surfboard catching the barrel of the wave, allowing it to smoothly move you forward as riding a surfboard would. These are the best New Jersey shore's for body surfing:

  1. Crystal Beach-Located at New Hampshire Avenue, Crystal beach is a designated surfing beach. The shallow shore break is sure for a good body surfing session. Just remember to be aware of the surfers around you, not cutting them off or getting in the way. Enjoy the crystal clear sand, true to the beaches name, and hang ten.
  2. Downtown Beach-Downtown Beach has a central location near the downtown shopping district  in New Jersey. Located at Raleigh Avenue, this populated beach is well known for surfing, boogie boarding, and body surfing. There is no life guard on duty at this beach so swim with caution. Let your body rip through the waves, enjoying the rush that comes along with it.
  3. Manasquan Inlet-Forget the fist pumping and jump on the swell pumping. The inlet provides a nice ground swell that allows the shore breaks to a smooth but powerful. This beach should bring a whole new meaning to body surfing and give you an experience of a life time.

When body surfing, always be aware of your surroundings. Reefs, rocks, and even other people can be extremely dangerous when being carried with the force of a wave.  Other than that, body surfing is by far one of the funniest beach activities out there.

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