Best Boobs

The best boobs award goes to: Pamela Anderson and those water balloons. There are some women out there walking around with the most massive boobs you have ever seen.  There are a few that just take your breath away.  Those women who have the goods will give you a sight that you will never forget.  These boobs have made history:

  1. PAMELA ANDERSON – At over 40 years old Pamela's balloons are still the best!  Her body is so tiny and all you see is those monsters, almost looking as if they are reaching out to you. She knows they are a sight to see.  No man can ever deny that those things are perfect.  No woman can either.  Wow, hooray to Pamela and her twins!
  2. JENNA JAMESON – If this woman knows how to do anything, it's propping those jugs up in the right position to get all the attention.  She's one of the best female porn stars of all time, so she knows what the guys like.  Good boob job Jenna (boob job that is). No one cares if they are fake.  We love them in all big shapes, sizes and kinds.
  3. JANET JACKSON – We all remember the Super Bowl in Houston.  Every since then, everyone's been fantasizing about her boobs. I assume everybody is waiting on her to pull another stunt like that again.  We liked it Janet, even though you act as if it was an accident
  4. JODIE MARSH – It's abvious that Jodie Marsh's breast are natural.  They always look as if they have been rubbed down with baby oil and that is sexy on a woman.  She also has that natural, slight sag to me, which is a major sign that they are real.  She smothers them from time to time, but they're nice.  They look liked waxed beach balls!
  5. COCO – Her breasts are perfect.  Perfect nipples, shape, and size.  She's always flaunting her coconuts.  Is that why they call her Coco, because of those massive coconuts bouncing around?  Ice T must be some happy fellow. 
  6. IVANKA TRUMP – Ivanka's breasts aren't the largest, but there's just some mystery to them.  They look like a handful.  They seem to be larger at the bottom, therefore leaving a mysterious print to them making all the guys wonder.
  7. TYRA BANKS – Tyra has some perky critters as well and her nipples seem to be the perfect size.  She definitely doesn't need a push-up bra.  her breast look very soft as well.
  8. JESSICA SIMPSON – Even though Jessica seems to play the good girl role all the time, she still screams sexy.  She doesn't seem to have much cleavage, but the way they look on her are remarkable.  They look jiggly and toned.
  9. MEGAN FOX – This beauty's jugs always seem to look as if they're trying to creep out of her shirt.  Just the sight of them makes any man wonder if they are really indeed going to pop out at any minute. 
  10. LIL KIM – Kim is always known for the unpredictable right?  Well, her breast are always decorated.  Everyone loves painted nipples.  She always finds a way to make her boobs stand out even when they're not painted.  We love her for the breast art.  She even wore a belt once around her boobs.  How unique!
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