Best Boutique Guitar Pickups

The best boutique guitar pickups come down to the same thing: converting mechanical vibrations into electrical signals that can be broadcast, recorded or amplified. Boutique guitar pickups are the kinds of pickups that are made and wound by hand, in a customized way, for exemplary guitar tone.

  1. Firewater WB Custom Pickup. The Firewater is the boutique guitar pickup to get if you desire a range that goes from severe distortion back to classical rock territory. To get the tones you want is as simple as switching to the neck setting to obtain solid, single note excellence and crisp chord structure.
  2. Habaneros WB Custom Pickup. The Habaneros were designed out of a desire to get the sound that is distinctive in that old, southern rock n' roll feeling. These boutique guitar pickups are wound to 7.95K on their neck and 9.45K on their bridge.
  3. Heaven and Hell WB Custom Pickup. This boutique guitar pickup is for guitar players who love a lot of metal sound in their guitar playing. With this pickup, you are encouraged to pound out deep rhythm, or, alternately, just to let your leads fly out like an overly aggressive guitar shredder. This boutique guitar pack is the epitome of the blending of extreme tones in one package.
  4. Hammers WB Custom Pickup. Even more aggressive than the Heaven and Hell pickups above, the Hammers are designed to keep clarity all the while pounding out heavy tones to rock any venue down to the ground. They register 17.8K on their bridge and 8.2K on the neck.
  5. WCR Goodwood Set Pickups. The WCR Pickup is a hybrid and possesses a thicker tone than the original pickups from which it is a hybrid. Complete with a great bite, good sound in the middle position, pleasing harmonics, a sweet top-end roll-off, and a great over tone, this boutique guitar pickup also has a four conductor wire.
  6. WCR Crossroads Set Pickups. These boutique guitar pickups are built to sound sweeter but cost a lot less. Their origin stems from a desire to recreate the sound from the Cream song "Crossroads" from their "Wheels of Fire" album. Extensively tested, these boutique guitar pickups succeed on all fronts.
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