Best Bread & Butter Skincare Products

Some of the best Bread & Butter skincare products are included in their seasonal kits. Bread & Butter skincare takes the guesswork out of taking care of skin. The company sends out a winter and a summer kit with their best products for the season. Bread & Butter skincare is also sized to meet airline requirements so they can go anywhere.

The five best Bread & Butter skincare products are:

  1. Cleanser – Their cleansers are for sensitive skin. Bread & Butter cleansers are alcohol free and not oily to help skin stay clean and not get oily throughout the day. The cleanser does not use paraben or soap to clean skin. It uses Ammonium laureth sulfate, a high quality cleanser that does not irritate skin for most individuals. Bread & Butter cleanser includes some light exfoliating ingredients as well, to make a closer shave possible.
  2. Facial Moisturizer – Bread & Butter skincare’s moisturizer is another high quality product in their line. Their moisturizer has ingredients to draw moisture from the outside to keep skin from getting chapped or wind burned too easily. Glycerin is another ingredient that it contains, a natural component of skin that helps prevent any extra moisture loss.
  3. Body Moisturizer – The body moisturizer from Bread & Butter skincare has many of the same ingredients as the facial moisturizer. However, the body moisturizer is a little stronger and has a clean and masculine smell.
  4. Lip Balm – The Bread & Butter brand lip balm contains extracts from coconut to keep lips from getting chapped. It is unflavored, unscented, and has no shine when it’s on the lips. The lip balm also contains a lot of other moisturizing ingredients.
  5. Shave Gel – Bread & Butter skincare’s shave gel reduces the friction from razors. It reduces the chance for razor burn while being super moisturizing. It is unscented and is a low foam white gel to reduce clean up time.
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