Best Bubble Butt

Claiming the title of best bubble butt is not an honor reserved for a single person because there are simply too many worthy contenders. This is a competition without any losers because all of the women on this list have displayed the required assets.

  1. Kim Kardashian. This is the only bubble butt on the list that is arguably more famous than the person it belongs to.  Kim’s posterior is so disproportional to the rest of her body that most pictures of her look like they have been digitally manipulated. It is a beautiful mystery that most guys would love a chance to crack.

  2. Jessica Biel. When she arrived at “The Illusionist” premiere her hair looked incredible. Nobody noticed though because they were all staring at her bubble butt.  The image of it popping out of that white dress is unforgettable and it was further cemented into memory when she stripped down to her underwear in “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.”

  3. Kate Hudson. The beauty of this bubble butt is all in the genetics. Kate’s mom, Goldie Hawn, had a similarly spectacular caboose. In fact it’s so astounding that it actually makes some of Kate’s more inferior movies fairly tolerable.  Not many actresses can improve the quality of their films just by turning around.

  4. Eva Mendes. There’s not much worth remembering about the movie adaptation of “The Spirit” except that Eva finally gave us a look at her incredible booty. The pause button on DVD remotes has been getting quite a workout ever since.

  5. Beyonce. This is no ordinary ba-donka-donk. To be entirely accurate, a few extra “adonks” need to be added on at the end. Apparently Beyonce is almost as in love with her bubble butt as the rest of us because she wrote a “Bootylicious” song all about it.

  6. Jennifer Lopez. This is not just a bubble butt, this is a legend. Jennifer’s extraordinary behind is so big it could probably fill every spot on this list. She single-handedly started pop culture’s obsession with junk in the trunk and reminded all of us that big is beautiful.

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