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Let's talk about the best butts and nothing but. One of the most magnetic, hypnotic, simply heart stopping attributes a woman can have is a nice butt. There have been songs and videos and web sites dedicated to the booty. From JLo to the Kardashian sisters, the butt stays on men's minds. It's so important, that having a sub par booty can be a deal breaker for some guys. Crazy isn't it? With so many extraordinary booties to choose from, how do we do it? How do we choose the best butt? The following list is in no real order. It's just a compilation of beautiful backsides.

  1. You can't talk booties without talking about JLo. Jennifer Lopez, and her most famous body part brought booties to the main stream. She's the one that made Hollywood embrace women with curves. She made it cool to have a butt, so much in fact girls without butts now a days are getting surgical butt implants. Even after having two kids, her butt was built to last. Thanks Jenny from the block.
  2. A surprise addition to this list is Jessica Biel. We knew she was an actress, but that was about it. We knew she was, or is dating Justin Timberlake but not much more than that. Why is she on the best butt list. Check out "I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry." Her booty was the star of that film. Jessica was just along for the ride.
  3. Sanaa Lathan, the actress of "Love and Basketball" fame, is utterly breathtaking. There's only one word to describe that wonderful backside. Wow! When she's on the screen your eyes can't help but wonder below her equator. She is a sight. She definitely has one of the best butts around.
  4. Eva Mendes is another famous screen actress. Though her butt doesn't get as much attention as other women in most of her films, Check out "Two Fast, Two Furious." There's a scene where she's wearing some form fitting white pants over her perfectly shaped rear. It's enough to put the DVD on pause.
  5. Kim Kardashian's got a booty that'll digest granny panties, and eat a g-string for a snack. Is it real or is it fake? Who cares, it gorgeous… And definitely one of the best butts around.
  6. Salma Hayek definitely has one of the best butts out there. Don't believe us? Check out "From Dusk Till Dawn." Enough said.
  7. The "Bootylicious" Beyonce is breathtaking. She's got a booty so nice she wrote a song about it. You've seen the videos. This girl's butt moves like it's got a mind of its own. Her jeans struggle for dear life to hold on. Those two cheeks are hypnotizing. Just another reason to hate on Jay Z.
  8. Not only is she talented, but Alicia Keyes has got to be one of the most beautiful girls in the world. One look at her and you'll wish you were from New York, New York, New York! Unfortunately, we haven't been able to gaze upon her butt too often (because she sits when she's playing the piano). But, seeing her butt in some jeans is like finding a fortune in buried treasure. Rent "Smokin' Aces." No, no thanks are necessary.
  9. Melyssa Ford can base her entire modeling career on her built in seat cushion.  If it wasn't for her backside, we may have never heard the name Melyssa Ford. She's posed in every urban magazine from A to Z and appeared in more videos than you could name. She's used that butt to bounce to stardom and control men's minds. I don't think words can fully describe just how perfect of a booty she possesses, but that won't stop us from looking.
  10. Hip Hop recording artist Nicki Manaj has a new big beautiful booty on the scene. She doesn't even have a CD out yet, but her booty is already world famous. She's guessed starred on tracks with Lil Wayne and Drake. Please Nicki hurry up and release your own videos, please! Everyone go get your DVR's ready to record.
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